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Fostering Education and Training to Shape the Future of Support Enforcement

As a notable non-profit Louisiana corporation, the Louisiana Support Enforcement Association is devoted to forming a symbiotic relationship with federal and state governments, district attorneys, the judiciary, private enterprises, and other relevant bodies.

Mission Statement

  • Promote the effective operation of a child support enforcement program in Louisiana by striving to develop a uniform approach to legal procedures and problems involved in administration of the program at all levels.
  • Serve as liaison for agencies interacting with the program, and when requested, advise such agencies concerning policy and procedure.
  • Take responsibility for continuing analysis of Federal and State legislation affecting the program through regular meetings or by other means approved by the board of directors.
  • Act as advisor to agencies engaged in training of child support enforcement personnel
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Our Work

  • Provide updates and training on changes to the IV-D program
  • Provide guidance on policy changes and legislative updates
  • Provide an environment for collaboration from all IV-D partners
  • Provide an environment to establish professional relationships and connections

Our Membership

We extend our membership to anyone actively engaged in the family support program as administered by the State of Louisiana, Department of Children and Family Services under Sub-Chapter "D" of Title IV of the Social Security Act. Join us at our Annual Conference and be part of the movement for efficient child support enforcement in Louisiana.

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